Expedition Motor Company FAQ

It's all 250GDs - Can't you guys do anything else?

Okay, okay. So you’re scrolling through our builds and all you see are 250GDs. What gives?

It’s Alex’s fault.

He loves the 250GD Wolf. He takes it to Island Beach State Park. He drives windshield-down around SoHo and the West Village. He takes a 250GD off-roading in the snow in the Adirondacks. Are you getting the point? It’s Alex’s fault – he’s in love with the Wolf.

Okay, okay… But can you guys restore anything else for me?

It’s a case by case basis: We have done hardtops (Alex hates hard-tops). We have done petrol G-Wagens (Alex loves diesels). We have done automatics (Alex loves a manual transmission). Ask nicely, or rudely… but be prepared to pay more.

The vintage (over 25 years old) Gelandewagen, or G-Wagon, or G-Wagen, or G comes in the following models, but is not limited to:


What about the 230GE that I keep seeing?

I’m not a hard sell guy – but I am a big safety guy. I’m also a full disclosure guy.


You keep seeing the 230GEs and are wondering, why isn’t Alex doing them? Can he make me one? The answer is still, “NO”.


230GEs are not a Mercedes-Benz. Sticking on an MB logo and badge on a Puch 230GE is the same as putting on a Lexus badge on a Toyota. Made in the same place, but at the end of the day it was not manufactured or retailed as such. This is disingenuous and I don’t do that.


More importantly, there is no rear roll bar on a 230GE. According regulations, seating should be original which means that the 230GE comes with troop style bench seating. Why doesn’t Alex do troop seating? Not safe. No roll bar? Not safe. Drop mic.


Minor things like no 2nd locking differential, an uncomfortable 4 speed automatic and no front folding windshield make the 230GE an “undesirable” model for Alex.


How long is this going to take?

So you send us money and your custom built convertible G is at your door in two weeks, right?

We wish.

Your dream, right now, is going to take 4 months to arrive at your door.

It’s hard to describe the pleasure that you get when you drive a vehicle that you know is very unique in the U.S. market. It’s even harder to describe the incredible feeling knowing that you designed it yourself.


The How

It all starts with a dream… and you guessed it.. a deposit.

We follow the 30/30/40 rule.

1. 30% of cost as a 1st deposit.

2. We finalize the build sheet together and your G is conceived.

3. Right before painting, we take the second 30% deposit.

4. Prior to shipping to your third home, the last 40% is due.


If you have some crazy colors you want us to try, we can spray a few on paint cards for you to compare and confirm that’s what you want. Otherwise, you pick from colors we have done before. 

For interior selection, we’ll send you a swatch book if you want to pick something new and unique.


Can you restore my Gelandewagen?

No can do. 

Where do you source your Gelandewagens?

Depending on the type of Gelandewagen we are restoring it can be sourced from anywhere in the world.

As our customers have a strong demand for cabrios, we maintain strong first right of refusal contracts with several European militaries for their units.  These contracts allow us to choose the units we want to work on to provide our clients with the best possible truck.

Dimensions & GVWR - Section 179?

Our short wheel base 250GD Wolf has the following dimensions:

Length: 175″

Width: 69″

Height: 75″

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 2950 kg (6504 lbs)

It qualifies for Section 179

Do you sell parts?

We do not sell parts, but we will gladly guide you in the right direction. Parts for Gelandewagens are readily available in the U.S. from multiple vendors.

Can you ship a truck to outside the U.S?

We can ship your truck to any country in the world.  We have a strong network of freight forwarders that specialize in shipping vehicles all around the world. 

What the heck is a Wolf? I like Pandas, can you make me a Panda?

Very funny guy. Very funny.

So, let me tell you about the Wolf.

“Wolf” is a codename the Germany Military gave to their version of the Gelandewagen. Not just any Gelandwagen though. To be a “Wolf” you have to meet the following criteria:

– Have a Fold-Down Windshield

– Be a Convertible or Cabrio or Cabriolet or Soft-Top or whatever you call it

– Be a 250GD

Anything else, you’re just your regular run-of-the-mill GWagon and you probably can’t sit with us.  

Can I come visit?

Sure you can.

We’re located in Frenchtown, NJ. We’re about 1 hour away from NYC and 1.25 hours from both EWR & PHL Airports.

We love you all, but all visits are by appointment – 7 days a week.

Our main production facility is in Europe, tour there can be arranged as well or viewed on a live feed. 


Prices builds are exactly what you see in the builder.

We don’t negotiate so that no one thinks they got a better deal than anyone else.

Don’t try negotiating with Alex, the price might go up!